The Truth About No Deposit Bonuses

By | February 18, 2016

The rise of of the no deposit bingo bonus was clear from the very outset of online bingo. There have always been freebie hunters in the world and when it comes to the internet people are shameless in their pursuit of freebies, especially when it comes to bingo. To be fair who can blame them. We all want something for nothing, especially in these hard financial times that have seen us all tightening our belts as the spare cash in our pockets has had to go further and further.the truth

Since the first real dawn of mass bingo playing on the web we have seen that sites have been offering no deposit bonus cash that allows you to get started without having to lay down any real money first. The problem with this approach though is that many sites ended up with only freebie hunters which is clearly not a good strategy for a business as they spend no money. However, sometimes a player will deposit actual cash and play for real money bonuses such as the players that come to our site are doing – and this a wise move – as  coming to our pages gets you some really huge deposit bonuses that equates to real money. Whereas when you get the no deposit offers it is simply make believe money in 99.9% of cases. 

Freebie Bonus Cash is Worthless?!

Why is it that the free cash offers we get when joining are site are actually worthless? This is quite obvious when you take a second or two out of of your quite clearly busy modern lifestyle to think about it in some depth and not just a fleeting passing thought which is quickly thrown away like a used tissue. so, here it is, if all bingo sites giving out free cash to people actually let you cash out that money after you had played with it and been able to win real money then they would simply go bankrupt in a matter of of days or perhaps in todays climate, a matter of hours. Can you imagine how quickly word would spread that a certain site was giving away free money, it would have every player in the UK signing up to milk it and probably a million first time players. Now, unless you’re Bill Gates or someone with similar money this isn’t exactly a sustainable approach. 

So, now we see a plethora of sites offering these signup bonuses with 5, 10 or 20 pounds in free money. There are hundreds of them, literally, and it simply makes no sense to go around them all as some people do if you have any desire to win real money. It is a valid point that some sites do offer the freebie money back in real cash if you win games but there are always wagering rules and generally you’ll be lucky if you get a couple of pounds back, so please don’t waste your time on these offers unless you are just looking to play for fun or want to test some new sites out to see which ones you enjoy and which ones you don’t. It’s fair that some people simply hit it off with other players at a given site finding the chat rooms and chat hosts to be welcoming and a place where they fit in. In other sites you may not have this feeling and want to leave and so will be glad you didn’t place down any real money.

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