Responsible Gambling

The minimum legal age to gamble in the UK is 18, however different countries of the world do have different minimum legal gambling ages, and as such if you do wish to gamble in any shape or form and in any gambling environment you should ensure that you are the legal age to do so based on where it is you are.

Gambling problems can affect anyone at any time and at any age too, and with that in mind this section of our website is going to be introducing to you third party websites and organisations that are going to be able to help and support you if you are seeking help and support with any type of gambling problems.

It can and often does take someone with a strong will to actually stop gambling, much more so when they do have a problem being able to control their gambling habits. But there are going to be plenty of places you can turn to for help in getting your problems fully addressed.

One of the easiest ways that you can immediately put temptation for your to gamble at any online or mobile gambling sites you hold an account with is by you asking to be self excluded from that site and by doing so the operators of that site will close your account.

They will also put a marker on your account and as such if at any time in the future you try and open your account or sign up as a new customer of that site those additional accounts will also be closed, so do consider that option if you have finally decided stopping gambling is something you would like to do with immediate effect.

Never be afraid of reaching out for help if you do have any type of gambling related problem, for there are plenty of free and completely confidential charitable organisations that you can turn to, to help you seek out the information you will require getting all of your problems addressed.

One website that is going to be an ideal place for you to start is the GamCare website, when you visit that website at no time will you be required to have to give out any of your own personal information, but they do offer a help and support phone service if you would prefer to speak to someone.

You really will be best off seeking the help and guidance of GamCare if you want to finally address any type of gambling related problem, and they will always have someone available that you can reach out for help to.

If at any time you wish to double check whether any gambling related site or mobile app is fully licensed in the UK then please pay a visit to the UK Gambling Commission website.

If you do decide to visit their website you will also find out a lot of additional helpful information in regards to legalized gambling in and throughout the United Kingdom too.

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