New Rapid Bingo Games Launched

By | September 25, 2015

By logging onto any of our featured and top rated bingo sites you are always going to find a range of bingo games offering large jackpots, low to high ticket prices and a range of bingo games that are played at something of a leisurely pace.

However, if you are one of the many players who cannot set aside a large amount of time to play bingo online then we have some good news for you! Many of our reviewed and top rated bingo sites have recently launched a range of fast playing bingo games.

So if you want to have the absolute maximum winning chances but only want to play bingo for a short amount of time read on, for we just know all of the following rapid playing bingo games are going to be appealing to you.

Plus remember that you are also going to be able to claim some of the most valuable bonuses at all of our featured bingo sites, those bonuses being deposit £10 and get £60 to play with structured bonuses, so not only will you be able to play these new fast playing bingo games but you will be able to pay for the tickets using your bonus credits!

30 Ball Bingo Games – One of the fastest playing types of bingo games that you are going to be able to play online or also on your mobile device are the 30 Ball Bingo games, now these games are relatively new and as such not all bingo sites have them available, but if you are looking to play as many bingo games as you can in a very short space of time it will be worth your while tracking down this bingo games!bingo ball with number 30 on it

Each bingo game has just nine numbers printed on them obviously from one to thirty and they are presented on a 3 row by 3 column grid and the bingo patterns are usually any line in any direction.

60 Ball Bingo Games – Another fast playing type of bingo game which is now available at many different online bingo sites is the 60 Ball Bingo game. Now what makes this fast playing bingo game unusual is that depending on just which bingo site you choose to play it at you will find the bingo cards are structured in a different way.

With that in mind please do test out some of the featured bingo sites listed and showcased to you around this website as we are more than confident you will find these bingo games extremely fun to play and you will of course get to play off a large number of games very quickly!

80 Ball Bingo Games – One final new bingo game we would like to present to you are the 80 Ball Bingo games which virtually all of our approved online bingo sites now have available to players in any of their different bingo rooms.

You will find the ticket prices for these 80 Ball Bingo games are quite modest so you will not be forced to have to pay high ticket prices if you do fancy giving any of them some play time. The game of 80 Ball Bingo does of course use 80 bingo balls in the machine and whenever you purchase one or more cards for these types of bingo games you will find a random selection of 16 numbers printed on each ticket.80 ball bingo

Those 16 numbers are presented on a 4 x 4 number grid and there can actually be several different bingo patterns that you will be playing for on each game you choose to take part in.

If you want any further information on the 30 ball, 60 ball or 8o ball games then please check out the sites and searches we have linked to and this will provide you with all the information you need to get fully clued in.

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