Don’t Forget Your BB’s!

By | December 27, 2015

When you do your weekly shopping at one of the major supermarkets you probably take along your store club card, for by doing so you will be awarded with points based on just how much you spend on your groceries on that visit.

All of the buy £10 get £60 bingo sites that we have showcased to you here on this website offer a similar type of rewards scheme and as such whenever you choose to play at those bingo sites by buying real money bingo tickets based on how many of them you buy you will be awarded with a set number of bingo loyalty points. We discuss below just how these points work and can be redeemed to get you a wide range of promotional offers, free games and the like.

Those loyalty points are often known as BB’s and the aim of you being awarded with them is to reward your loyalty at each bingo site you choose to play at, and the more you spend on those tickets the more BB’s you will earn. cheeky bingo logoIt’s just like your Tesco Club card really and works for both you and the bingo site rewarding the player with bonuses and freebies and the bingo sites is rewarded with your continued custom. You can see this type of scheme in action at the likes of Cheeky Bingo and Wink Bingo where points will get you various rewards.

As soon as you have saved up enough points and/or BB’s you will then be able to redeem them for bingo playing credits and as such can then buy additional bingo cards in the hope that as many of them you buy with those bonus credits are winning tickets as is possible! Below are some additional benefits you will find offered by our featured bingo sites!

Bingo Chat Games – If you have always thought that by you playing bingo online you will find it rather boring and a very solitary experience then you do need to think again! For each of our feature bingo sites are going to offer you a range of what are known as bingo chat chat bubble

When you play in these games you are going to find a chat room is being used so you can fully interact with all of the other players, however you will be using that chat room as the way to find to about and then claim a range of additional BB’s and extra prizes being offered on each of those chat games!

Reload Bingo Bonuses – A reload bingo bonus is a deposit match type bonus that will be made available to you from time to time from any online or mobile bingo site, and as the name of this type of bonus suggests when you make a new deposit into a bingo site when a Reload bonus is on offer that site will then give you a percentage of that deposit as a bonus.

The value of all Reload bonuses can and will vary depending on which bingo site you are playing at, but typically they are worth between 25% and 100% of your deposited amount, so they are certainly worth claiming!

BOGOF Bingo Promotions – It is always going to be worth you taking a good look through each online bingo sites bingo schedules for by doing so you will find out when all of their highest paying bingo jackpot games are up and running. With that in mind always take a quick look through the bingo schedules as by doing so you can then plan your bingo session to take into account those higher paying games!

However, you will also find listed on the website of most bingo sites a daily promotions schedule and that will be worth checking out as you will find many bingo sites offer Buy One Get One Free bingo ticket promotions, and when you take part in those bingo games every single ticket you purchase will see you then being given another one completely free of charge. That does of course mean you have twice the chance of winning when playing in a BOGOF bingo game then you would normally have!

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